Alicia Rose – Book Signing Events

First official book tour January 2017: Included several book signing events in different cities within the great state of Texas. In one week Alicia completed whistle stops (by invitation only for those who attended) to autograph copies of  Just Alex  and read selected selections in Whitchita Falls, Haskell, Snyder, Andrews, Sweetwater, Baird, and Decatur. Alicia enjoyed her tour in Texas immensely, and was delighted to find out she has a large readership from this friendly state. All who attended had a wonderful time!

Third book signing, June 2015: A married couple who are friends of Alicia’s hosted an informal private book signing at their home in Templeton, California. Her hosts were the best, and of course made certain she signed their copy of Just Alex. Alicia appreciated greatly all her hosts did on her behalf as well as spending time with all who attended. Everyone had a delightful time!

Second book signing, November 2010: Alicia was hosted as the Author of the Day at Hastings, Ada, Oklahoma. Alicia enjoyed this book signing. She was the only author present; the star attraction. Alicia liked interacting with those who love to read. She admitted having fun autographing for those who purchased Just Alex.

First book signing, May 2010: Alicia attended her first multiple author book signing event at Full Circle Bookstore, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She made two fabulous author friends and found book signings were a fabulous method for networking in her field.

Alicia enjoys spending time with her readers at book signings. It is a great way to meet with the public. She is always appreciative for all who take the time to visit with her at them.

At this time, there are no book signings scheduled.

(page updated June 2, 2017)


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