No Charge to You (truly FREE)

Here are some free reading material/books, videos, online tools, etc. I have found online that in my opinion worthwhile. My goal is to offer diversity. Please continue to periodically check for new titles and links. (Updated 6/5/2017)


Free online tools, services and products (from reputable sources):

PERFECTSEARCH: Safest Web Search, a part of the Unicorn Network which is very safe, secure, virus free and 100% free to use; a safe zone! This search engine rewards you for using it. Works similar, yet in my opinion is safer to use, than Bing. I use this search engine a lot as well as the trusty one InboxDollars has called InboxDollars Search, because I love being rewarded for using when I am researching via online. Makes looking up stuff better than worthwhile! Highly recommend both PerfectSearch and InboxDollars Search for the best look up everything experience. Rewards are great to get!

Perfect APP: Free forever for mobile phones, desktops, laptops, pads and other internet accessible devices. This has money making opportunity attached with an honest company I already have an excellent relationship. The Perfect App is upgraded regularly and 100% virus-free, very safe plus very user friendly to use.

Free online books:

Literature, mythology, legends, ancient sacred texts and folk-lore –

Heroes and Legends of The Rhine, by Lewis Spence (1915) – From Germany

A Handbook of Norse Mythology by Karl Mortensen, Ph.D in Philosophy (1913) – Translated from Danish to English

Old Norse Poems, by Lee M. Hollander (1936) – From Northern Europe

The Poetic Edda, translated by Henry Adams Bellows (1936) – From Iceland

The Prose Edda (aka the Younger Edda), translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur (1916) – from Iceland

The Rig Veda, translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith (1896) – The Rig Veda is the eldest of the Vedas. This was composed about 1500 B.C., and codified about 600 B.C. The Rig Veda is regarded as one of the most ancient Indo-European texts.

The Song of Roland, translated by Charles Scott Moncrief (1919) – From the crusade period of France.

Sports –

Travers’ Golf Book by Jerome Dunstan Travers (1913)

Free web content/reading material:

The official Robert Burns website: Learn about the well-known 18th century Scottish poet.

Michael Forester’s Poetry: This entertaining prolific contemporary Author and Poet shares his exquisite poetry for free on his official website.

KnowABit: Multi-topical site with great writers from all walks of life share their expertise and opinions. I love their diversity of the reading material.

National Library of Ireland – great research place for Irish ancestors per the Republic of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland, official website: Has much about Ireland including genealogy, demographics and detailed FAQs.

The Official Gateway to Scotland: Learn about the Scottish from Scotland’s official website.

Free video content:

Note and warning for minors: If you are under 18 years of age, remember to ask your parents if you may view this webpage’s section. Always get your parents’ permission before viewing any video. You will be glad you did!

Alternative Health Videos –

The Most Inspirational EFT Video With Founder Gary Craig (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT Basic Tutorial, tapping techniques where one can help themselves feel better from stress, pain and emotional negatives.

Remove Toxins with Healing Singing Bowls Music, video uses 741 Hz with low frequency harmonics for an overall body soothing experience while cleansing and detoxifying as one listens to beautiful music made from singing bowls.

Music Videos –

Children’s YouTube: Most popular children’s videos on YouTube.

Duran Duran: YouTube music videos on cKuick. They have most songs created by the band Duran Duran. Selection includes All You Need Is Now, Hungry Like The Wolf, Wild Boys and many other fan favorites.

The Beatles: singing Happy Birthday This is a rare recording of this band from the 1960’s performing this song.

JoeJoeKeys: Live footage.

The band Wild Rose: Official recordings and live footage.

Science Videos

GeoEngineering Watch, video channel on YouTube that gifts insight regarding the controversial meteorological science known as Geoengineering.


Note: More great tips, ideas and offers are also available on Alicia Rose Online and Alicia Rose Shares.

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