A Happy Summer and 4th of July!

Independence Day

A Happy July 4th, Independence Day, to everyone!
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Since I last posted on WordPress, my life took a turn for the busier. My organizational skills were taxed to the maximum as well as my time management ones. I actually had to re-organize my daily duties since I had taken on a few more projects. The fun thing is that these new projects turned out better than planned which is wonderful; made my May and June.

Undermining Alex will probably be published sometime in 2013 instead of as originally planned for autumn/winter 2012. Just Alex is currently generating steady sales and it is in my publisher’s best interest to wait on publishing its sequel. This is an author‘s dream come true for a first book published – steady sales!

May 2012, Aya Katz author of Vacuum County and four other books were added to Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore. The write-up about Dr. Katz is in our Featured Selections as #9. It was a great honor to include Aya Katz as a featured author.

June 2012, a new good read published in May 2012 titled Financial Revolution by Matthew A. Easterbrook was added as a Featured Selection in Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore. It was an honor to feature this author who is publishing his work through my publisher, Infinity Publishing.

May and June this year has been two months filled with helping others. I feel that these good deeds accomplished, even though they lowered my blogging/posting, were well worth all effort even though these things were not newsworthy, just important to those involved. Sometimes being there does matter; especially to those closest to you.

To share a little bit more about my helping others: I thoroughly enjoyed assisting the two authors mentioned above with promoting their books by having them as a Featured Author. I helped several friends receive their very own private perfect internet home page for “free forever.” My husband and I were there as best as we could for two close friends who lost their spouses. I helped a dear lady friend who is not computer savvy begin an opportunity online. She was grateful; was something she found very interesting.

I also took the time to visit cousins I had not seen in four months and was introduced to Chick-Fil-A. We cousins had a great time! Visiting with them reminded me how great Summer Family Reunions can be.

Some of my new projects in June took me out of my house. I actually received more organic Vitamin D from sunshine because I went outdoors more. Recently I learned that there are chronic health conditions that are caused by Vitamin D deficiency and that one’s Vitamin D levels should be checked regularly.

On Examiner, I wrote articles that are family and health related. The latest article written shares delicious recipes children would enjoy. These were fun to research and share with everyone.

Thank you for visiting and may your Independence Day on Wednesday July 4th be grand!

Alicia Rose

Fire Bans: Did not spoil Independence Day in Oklahoma

US Flag with fireworks behind it.

A great Independence Day with the US flag waving.

July 2011, the entire state of Oklahoma was placed under the local fire bans. These bans kept Oklahomans safer; especially throughout July 4, 2011. The amount of Independence Day accidents (mostly from at-home fireworks and sparklers) that usually occur during the fourth of July was significantly decreased. This meant more Oklahomans had an enjoyable and safe Independence Day with their family and friends.

Oklahomans further found out the Fourth of July was as fun with family and friends without the sparklers and privately purchased boxes of fireworks one usually has for an at-home Independence Day activity. Due to the extreme heat wave most of Oklahoma was experiencing, the majority wisely held their Independence Day family activities indoors. Dehydration is a concern amongst Oklahomans when the temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There have been instances of deceasement caused by dehydration for one can become dehydrated in Oklahoma without even knowing it due to the level of humidity in the air. This can be very dangerous; especially to pets, children and Senior

The public July fourth displays were carefully professionally orchestrated due to the local fire bans. Participants who attended claimed they had a great time with their friends and families; all enjoyed the July fourth professional fireworks displays. The favorite firework display was that of the US Flag, truly inspiring and awesome.

Attending the public fireworks displays are safer for the Fire Departments usually are the ones setting off the fireworks. These true American heroes are ready for anything negative fireworks can do. This leads to a safe and happy Independence Day experience; which is exactly what the majority of Oklahomans had.

Hope your Independence Day was filled with much fun and joyful memories. Ours definitely was. We even managed to squeeze in a few Independence Day favorite programs on the television to pleasantly round off this Federal Holiday.

Happy rest of July to you and your family,

Alicia Rose