Starting Summer 2017 with something new feels great!

First Day of Summer

Artwork titled: First Day of Summer, artist not known to Alicia Rose.

Greetings! I know it has been quite awhile since Autumn 2016 when I last published a blog on this site. A lot has happened during my hiatus! I have many new plans and goals for the rest of 2017. Some will overshoot into 2018. I am figuratively jumping up and down in my chair filled with excitement for all I foresee to be accomplished in the next few days, weeks, months and rest of this year! Very electrifying! 

First, this is what I have achieved since my last WordPress blog:

  1. Winter of 2016, I added on my official author’s website Alicia Rose Shares a new page titled Special Offers Just for YOU! The adorable white dog doing healthful Yoga stretches on this particular page is my dog-nephew Sam who lives in Texas. This dog loving Aunt couldn’t resist using this picture of Sam! I love my dog-nephew very much. Earlier this year Sam visited us with my brother-in-law. I loved smothering Sam with affection and lots of pets. Sam enjoyed all the attention he received from my husband and I. We were accused of spoiling Sam “rotten” by my husband’s Texan brother who has a great sense of humor.
  2. January 2017, I became a member of Netgalley. This website gave me a Professional Reader badge since I review books professionally. Definitely an honor to receive! On June 6, 2017 I posted my first review on Netgalley.
  3. May 2017, I added a new page to Alicia Rose Shares, as a way to introduce my new official primary blog site, Alicia Rose Online. This took me months to get ready for I was using a new site vendor and had to learn their way to set up pages and add content. Changing venues for this project started off a little rocky, but I did meet my set goals for my new primary official author’s blog. Felt wonderful! Love goal setting, helps me stay on track. Highly recommend writing down (as a list) short, medium and long term goals as a way to stay focused.
  4. I tried some new online money making opportunities. Some like CashCrate worked out, and I am still participating. Enjoying the extra cash I received. Some of the new business ones I tried January 2017 to May 2017 did not work out for me; my expectations were not met. Two of them became the kind where one feels like they are siphoning money from one’s bank accounts, kept asking for more and more and more. I put a stop to those and managed to get half of what I put into those programs reimbursed. My fault, in two cases I waited too long to quit. Still am a little upset at myself for not watching the calendar as closely as I should have.

Word of advisement: if you feel overwhelmed by a cost of an opportunity, cancel. The majority of opportunities will give you your money back (for trying their program) during the first 30 to 60 days. I stalwartly read the fine print (terms of service) to see how long this probationary period is for reimbursement eases the pain of disappointment.

Fortunately, one of the new tried opportunities introduced me to something I truly needed! A website that could help me with my marketing needs. Yes, even authors need to succumb to online marketing in order to generate book sales. I also needed to market my online published works via HubPages, etc. I was elated for the introduction to GetResponse for this site would also be able to help me create a much needed newsletter and market it online too! Very exciting! My online footprint will be increasing very soon in a more delightful way than I had thought possible. Great to spread one’s wings! Can hardly wait to soar higher than before! Looking forward to being my newsletter’s Editor-in-Chief.

I have, as you undoubtedly have noticed, discontinued some pages for this site. This is due to revamping Alicia Rose at WordPress into my secondary official author’s blog. I will be covering the Author Lifestyle, how much fun it is and share what I am doing as an author online and off. Just like I am doing in this blog. I plan to share a lot of what I learn professionally; seeing this as a fun and helpful share.

The remaining pages on Alicia Rose at WordPress (here) have been updated, as I felt was needed, so some elder content remains while new has been added. The content that was on the pages unpublished from this site, was transferred to Alicia Rose Online. Half was placed on the page Meet Me under my introduction of myself. The rest was put on the page Tips, Ideas, Offers.  I also added a lot of new content on Alicia Rose Online so if you get the chance, please visit my new primary official blog.

Regarding how often I will be blogging on Alicia Rose at WordPress, well that probably will continue to be seasonally (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). If I do get the opportunity to blog more often on this site, I definitely will.

To everyone who reached out to me during my hiatus, it was great to hear from you. Appreciated you checking to see if I was still alive, plus your gifted words of encouragement. Makes writing this blog worthwhile. Truly appreciate all of YOU!

Thank you to all new visitors and those who continue to remain loyal to Alicia Rose at WordPress I began in 2010 (my dear readers) for taking the time out of your busy day to read this blog. I am truly grateful!

Great Summer to everyone! It definitely is the sunny season for barbecues and picnics! First day of Summer (June 21st) this year lands on a Wednesday. Enjoy the longest day in the year!

Alicia Rose

dded a new page to Alicia Rose Shares website title

The unexpected can gift better

Summer 2016 is now coming to a close (Autumn begins Thursday September 22nd this year) so I thought it an excellent time to accomplish my seasonal blogging on Alicia Rose at WordPress. The reason behind my being a seasonal blogger is the amount of time required to do the blogging had to come into consideration. Book manuscripts for future publications and online publishing articles do not write themselves. Writing anything takes time and effort. To all of my readers who have encouraged me to blog more often, a great big thank you for your enthusiasm; very heart-warming.

First, before I get into my usual sharing mode, I want to thank all who have given thumbs up for my videos on my YouTube channel Alicia Rose Shares, followed me on Twitter, befriended me on Facebook, bobbled me on BOBL, became a friend on Wazzub Community, plus my posts on Google+, connected with me on LinkedIn, and continue to support my website Alicia Rose Shares as well as this blog. Your positive feedback gifting support has been very inspirational. The unexpected constructive criticism given has also been an excellent help. Thank you so very much!

To those of you who read the multi-topical articles on my columns KnowABit and HubPages, I heartfelt thank you. Truly wonderful to share my interests and reviews with you. Appreciate you taking the time to read what I have written, truly honored by this.

Quite a stir occurred in my world July 2016. It was most unexpected, did not foresee this event. website was completely transformed into a live entertainment venue only site July 15, 2016. My Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner column was on this date unpublished, and my brand of Health and Happiness articles were no longer required by AXS. At first, I was upset by this change for it meant losing something very important to me, but now looking back AXS did me a great favor. This change allowed me to determine what was most important, where my passion truly is, and pursue new goals in my field. It was not the stumble back a step or two kind of change in my writing career.

Foremost, I had become too used to being the Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner. I had been it for so long that the title had become an online identity greater than me being an Author, Columnist and Reviewer. When someone asked me how to find me online, I used to say, “Please search under the Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner, that is my column.” I had a brand other than Alicia Rose. Having multiple brands is not unheard of, but can be confusing to those trying to find your work. It took me 1 3/4 months to sort this out plus update my information on the sites I was active. Learned much along the way in the online world. Fortunately, I made a list preventing any site being overlooked. Now I am easier to “search” and “find.” Just the other day I said, “You can find me through my website Alicia Rose Shares.” A much better method since all I do as an Author, Columnist and Reviewer is listed on my official author site.

That was not the only unexpected change this summer gifted. I also had an upbeat one. How can a work related surprise brighten instead of turn the day glum? Well, this one did when I upgraded my laptop from the unfriendly Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 the minute Microsoft let me know via Microsoft Explorer I could do this. Their free upgrade came with a deadline of August 31, 2016. I did not wait even 5 minutes after reading their invitation to upgrade. This turned out better than expected! Upgrading to Windows 10 did not cost me anything. No Explorer and Google Chrome browser favorites or files were misplaced or lost during the downloading process. Nothing was hard to find after this change. Windows 10 is compatible with earlier versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office packages). Considering I am very attached to my Microsoft Office package, I was ecstatic not to be forced into upgrading. I did have to update the Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 and re-pair my devices, but that went fairly quickly. All in all it was the easiest upgrade of its kind I have ever experienced!

The personal assistant Cortana is amazing! The calendar that works with Cortana has gifted me a better organizational method; very user friendly. If you can upgrade to or get Windows 10 for your PC, my recommendation is do as soon as possible! Windows 10 saves time and is faster than Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, XP and 8.1. My laptop runs a lot smoother now than it did on Windows 8.1. A lot of problems and glitches I was experiencing with 8.1 magically disappeared the minute Windows 10 was up and running!

Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10, is better than Microsoft Explorer. This browser comes with some handy features that Explorer does not have. My favorite is the Web Note. The only thing I miss is no language translator for Microsoft Edge. If I want to translate a web page from a foreign language to English, I have to use Google Chrome, which I kept any way because some sites I publish on are not compatible with Microsoft Edge or Explorer. I do use Edge more than Chrome when I am online, because it is more user friendly. Microsoft Edge is working great for me as I publish this via WordPress. I am very glad WordPress’s website and Edge are compatible!

Nothing like a few summer changes to keep one’s mind sharp and keep life interesting. Can hardly wait for the beautiful orange, yellow and red colors of Autumn as the trees’ leaves change into their new Fall look.


Sunny Afternoon by Milen


Have a great rest of summer! Barbecue while you can! Happy Labor Day and Autumn Solstice!

Alicia Rose

Autumn is around the corner….

Milen Art

Sunny Afternoon, artwork by Milen

In August, I tried my hand at making a video with Windows Movie Maker. It was much fun; learned how to splice sections, add images plus effects and how to make the audio match the images, text and special effects. Now I truly appreciate the art of video making more for it is not as easy, yet worth the time spent. Windows Movie Maker is user friendly, more than Microsoft PowerPoint (to me). Here is my Windows Movie Maker result on YouTube, click here.  All feedback is welcome.

The end of August is ending with quite a buzz regarding the Republican Convention. Hard to believe September and the Democratic Party Convention (September 4th) will arrive soon. This US Presidential Election Year is quite extraordinary and the issues are heating up between the candidates. It will be close, from what I can tell which will give us something very exciting to witness in November. I enjoy a close campaign race. This makes the ending truly a surprise.

Autumn begins this year on September 23, 2012. Soon it will be time to get one’s autumn clothes out of storage as well as replace sandals with warmer shoes or boots. I have already begun eyeing the light sweaters in my closet. Soon even my dachshund will be wearing his light autumn sweaters. Before we know it October will be here, and many children with their parents’ assistance will be making jack-o-lanterns plus roasting fresh pumpkin seeds. 2012 is racing by very fast for me; definitely a busy year!

A very special hearty thank you from me to those who visit Alicia Rose at WordPress website; all visitors are appreciated. UnderminingAlex, the sequel to JustAlex, will be published sometime next year! That much is definite.

To those who began their school year in August or will be beginning a new school year in September, a wonderful school year is wished to each of you. May you learn much for greater growth and your wonderful future. To your success in school!

Cheery autumn!

Alicia Rose

Enjoying Spring and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This spring has been filled with many changes, challenges and good experiences. Looking back at the goals achieved as well as the new ones made, I can see where my visionary mindset has truly taken me into the magnificent direction that has gifted me a sense of success, happiness and a feeling of being accomplished. This spring, I noticed the beginning of reaping the benefits of delayed gratification as a self-employed entity which continues to be sweetly rewarding. I further had the honor of helping someone grow into a fellow author and delivered appreciation toward many others. This spring of 2012, has been enlightening, inspirational and fantastic!

Receiving blessings during springtime is delightful; a great way to begin the year. Spring is about rebirth and renewal. Many see spring as the time to begin something great and new. Animals usually naturally have their babies during springtime. Spring is a time to enjoy the beautiful new greenery and spring flowers. Even the spring rains grant those in agriculture a chance for a successful harvest. Spring is a time for rejoicing and seeing the year brimming with limitless possibilities.

May, being a month where spring definitely is in full force, usually has warmer weather where my dog can enjoy the great outdoors longer. This means much to him for this beloved dachshund loves being outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine, literally basking in it.  This brings me to the delicious thought of the traditional Memorial Day barbeque that many enjoy with family and friends. Where I live this particular weekend at the end of May normally has great outdoor activity weather, sunny and bright.

Honoring Memorial DayThis year Memorial Day is Monday May 28th, which makes Memorial Day Weekend 26th – 28th. I truly believe this particular Memorial Day is extremely important considering all going on in the Middle East (Israel, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan). Many of us know someone or have a beloved one who is either currently serving in the armed forces or who has given their life in service. Most of us have had a friend and/or family member who have been in the US military, now a veteran. On behalf of all of these brave and gallant men and women, I plan taking Memorial Day off in their remembrance with much gratitude filling my heart. I shall take time to remember their noble sacrifice for the good of our country and its citizens. Those in the US Military do great deeds! I thank each one of them.

Wishing all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Alicia Rose

Fire Bans: Did not spoil Independence Day in Oklahoma

US Flag with fireworks behind it.

A great Independence Day with the US flag waving.

July 2011, the entire state of Oklahoma was placed under the local fire bans. These bans kept Oklahomans safer; especially throughout July 4, 2011. The amount of Independence Day accidents (mostly from at-home fireworks and sparklers) that usually occur during the fourth of July was significantly decreased. This meant more Oklahomans had an enjoyable and safe Independence Day with their family and friends.

Oklahomans further found out the Fourth of July was as fun with family and friends without the sparklers and privately purchased boxes of fireworks one usually has for an at-home Independence Day activity. Due to the extreme heat wave most of Oklahoma was experiencing, the majority wisely held their Independence Day family activities indoors. Dehydration is a concern amongst Oklahomans when the temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There have been instances of deceasement caused by dehydration for one can become dehydrated in Oklahoma without even knowing it due to the level of humidity in the air. This can be very dangerous; especially to pets, children and Senior

The public July fourth displays were carefully professionally orchestrated due to the local fire bans. Participants who attended claimed they had a great time with their friends and families; all enjoyed the July fourth professional fireworks displays. The favorite firework display was that of the US Flag, truly inspiring and awesome.

Attending the public fireworks displays are safer for the Fire Departments usually are the ones setting off the fireworks. These true American heroes are ready for anything negative fireworks can do. This leads to a safe and happy Independence Day experience; which is exactly what the majority of Oklahomans had.

Hope your Independence Day was filled with much fun and joyful memories. Ours definitely was. We even managed to squeeze in a few Independence Day favorite programs on the television to pleasantly round off this Federal Holiday.

Happy rest of July to you and your family,

Alicia Rose

Happy New Year – Eleven years into the 21st Century!

Happy New Year greeting

New Year party items.

When I was a child like many, I viewed the turn of the century with awe. As a teenager, I could hardly wait for it was expected to be “so much better”. When the turn of the century finally arrived, one year after 2000, I looked around and thought, “Is this it?” All the anticipation for “different” and “new” left me with a twinge of disappointment upon 2001’s arrival. I did not notice as many changes as was expected.

Well, over the past eleven years, there have been noticeable cyber technology changes that would have left someone in the twentieth century full of awe. Our laptops hold more data than the PC’s of the 1990’s. Online we can do much more in comparison to the old dial-up where one waited and waited and waited before doing one thing online. Today, we have instant gratification online by being able to “hook-up” with the Internet within two minutes or less.

Cell phones have also come a long way from the larger do not fit in your hand pre-2000 versions. Today most have a cell phone. Some only have a cell phone; no land-line because they like the cell phone package deal their cell phone telephone service provider gave them. There are many in Sulphur, Oklahoma who are like this. How do I know? They are my neighbors. I am a rare breed of cat, because I do not own a cell phone.

In 2010, it was leaked via the news televised broadcasts the CIA and FBI could locate anyone through the signal their cell phone releases when they make a call. Hmmmm…..I regard this an invasion of my privacy and the right to be not found if that is my choice.

Well, I am not your ordinary American either. I still expect the US Federal Government to adhere to its social contract with me (The US Constitution). I applaud the Tea Party Movement for their stand about this. Our Founding Fathers did not create the US Constitution so the government could ignore it on behalf of the “general welfare” in order to implement socialistic progressive measures that helped create the trillion-dollar plus deficit. No, I’m not a member of the Tea Party; merely a sympathizer for their movement.

Today, January 4, 2010 while reading the Daily Oklahoman, I read an article about strict adherence to the US Constitution and how the Republicans who are the US House of Representatives Majority are insisting on making certain all the US government budgets into its budget is constitutional. I am delighted to see this. President James Madison who wrote the US Constitution would probably weep with joy for he fought for this over and over and over and over…….. Bet the budget is much smaller and the deficit lowers once the federal government complies with the US Constitution; quits sticking its nose into State’s business under the guise of “general welfare”. Amendment 10 prohibits this.

Well, we still do not have the flying cars and machines that make our food for us. No starships with the ability to travel in “warp drive” or go faster than the speed of light by employing a quantum system. No Moon Base, either, how very disappointing. I sure would have loved to visit the moon or been allowed to travel the galaxy. That teleport Gene Roddenberry cooked up for the Star Trek series sure looked like it could work – too bad its fiction still too.

In spite of not yet having what we see in Science Fiction TV programs and movies, the “green” technology we are creating and do have is a step in the right direction. We need to have healthier ecological technological advances. Oil is filthy. Oil creates many negatives in an ecological impact. The leak in the Gulf of Mexico proves my point. Louisiana still is suffering from the oil’s toxicity. The negative impact of that oil leak will be felt for many more years. How come actors are giving their money to foreign countries when they could be helping the state of Louisiana who desperately still requires aid? Why do the wealthy actors feel it is more humanitarian to assist foreign people instead of their fellow countrymen? I think these well-intentioned actors like George Clooney need to open their eyes and look around their own country which happens to be the USA. We have people in need here. There are people for many reasons who require humanitarian assistance. Not all states are extremely wealthy or can care for their citizens. Look around people!

Apple and Microsoft continue to surprise us with their smaller and smaller versions of a Laptop or PC. Those DVD’s are much better than the old floppy disk of the twentieth century. They hold much more, including video and sound recordings! Hey, we have the ability to have pictures on our computers and share them via an email with others. They could not do that in the twentieth century!

No twentieth century President would have taken as long as President Obama did to sign the paperwork necessary to help those who were affected and afflicted by 9/11. No President before the twenty-first century would have forced Health Insurance on Americans. Back then they had choice to have it or not. Psst, the USSR did force people to have their version of Health Insurance in the twentieth century and look, it did not make it into the next. It went bankrupt and dissolved. See where socialism gets a government? Non-existent, my friend.

Oh, the USSR did not wither away into a true communist state. Karl Marx was wrong with his theory of economic evolution. Thank Earth’s lucky stars! There are no rights and liberty in a pure communist state. Everyone becomes exactly like everyone else for the good of the economic system. Personally, I like my individualistic tendencies. I would not fit in a true communist state. I prefer to think for myself.

We do have much to be thankful for. Better Alternative Medicine, medical emergency assistance, and the average median for lifespan is much higher than in the twentieth century. Some reports have the average in the 90’s. There are people over 100 still living! That truly is awesome. As for me, I am hoping to beat the average by many many many years.

Happy New Year! Enjoy 2011 and may it be your best year ever!


Alicia Rose

Welcome and Happy Holidays!


Merry yule-tide picture of joyful snowman.

Thank you for visiting my personal blog via WordPress. Visitors thirteen years of age and older are most welcome. Parental guidance is recommended for minors 12 years of age and younger due to the 8th grade through collegiate level content within this site’s pages.

Parents and grandparents are welcome to preview my blog domain before allowing their teenagers to browse the multi topical content and links. Parents and grandparents for their own peace of mind are encouraged to browse this website with their teenagers. As a mother and grandmother, I am an advocate for consistently recommending parental guidance; especially on the Internet.

I am  striving for this website’s content to be informative including about what this author is professionally doing, what I have written that has been published, and cover a wide variety of topics I find interesting enough to share with others.

Currently I am in the creative phase; adding content and updating the pages. I only have time to work on this bi-weekly, my sincerest apologies. There is much I plan to add and time willing, you will see it.

Thank you for supporting this site by browsing and reading its content. A pleasure to share information, non-fiction and fiction, with others who have similar interests.

Happy Holidays and may the yule-tide bring you and your family much joy!

Alicia Rose