Holiday Shopping and Time Savings Tips

"Yule Tree"

A gorgeous holiday tree for all to see!

This year some companies online are giving 5 to 25% (or more) off website purchases during the Holiday Season. Harry & David, L.L. Bean and Wine Country Gift Baskets are companies doing exactly this. L.L. Bean is including free shipping with no minimum order for their patrons. Wine Country Gift Baskets has shipping specials too. These businesses are reliable and their websites are easy to use.

Amazon, My Habit, Hallmark, Macy’s, JC Penny, Kohl’s, Target, Zappos are also offering some money saving holiday gift and shipping specials. I have found for my family long distance family members that it is cheaper in shipping/handling costs to purchase their holiday gifts online. Some businesses like Amazon, JC Penny and Target have a gift wrapping service plus holiday cards for one’s purchased gifts. This feature usually is given at an extra charge. This service is well worth the added price if one does not have a lot of time to spend wrapping gifts and standing in the long line at the Post Office. Highly recommend shopping this method for those who are extremely busy and already stretched in time management.

Hallmark has a great website where you can pick, create and mail all of your holiday cards through their site. They have many different holiday cards to choose from and you can pick a different card per person you are mailing a card to via this helpful website. Hallmark is currently offering holiday card specials. This is a huge time saver!

May these helpful money and time saving ideas brighten your Holiday Season!

Season’s Greetings to you and your family,

Alicia Rose

Alicia started her online bookstore February 2011

Internet's Best Marketing Articles

cover of e-book, "Internet's Best Marketing Articles"

February 2011 was a big month for me. I learned much about marketing, advertising and the importance of a domain name. I found out many Internet users search by domain or blog name. Having both of these, or at least one, from a marketing point of view gives one a promotional edge. Most businesses know how crucial this is regarding gaining customers.

Desirous of having a domain name for my newly formed online bookstore, Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore, founded the beginning of February, 2011, I seriously looked into this matter. My research brought many surprises including how pricey most of the companies that offer domain names and domain services are. The majority insist on one paying for 2 years at a time which adds up and can end up costing $60 or more. I mostly saw the more and cringed as these 2 year plans (package deals) did not meet my budgetary requirements. was the affordable website I chose to get my certified domain name This website was recommended by my bookstore‘s supplier who was very encouraging and helpful. Going with has turned out to be a blessing, bigger than expected.

One feature I fell in love with is their email service. has an email service I found inexpensive, useful, easy to use and receive emails from others, plus beneficial for my bookstore (listed on my website for customer use). It is an email I can also post on advertisements. For any business this is crucial; having a reliable email address with domain name and service gives a professionalism most customers notice. offers several package deals varying in price that include privacy settings, security, certification for domain name, email service, domain names, web hosting, marketing tools, and build a website service. These packages range in price from $11.99 per year for a .com domain name on up. It depends upon what you want in your package that reflects the needs of your domain or domain name. They have reasonable pricing for .co, .info, .net, .me and .org too.

I chose a .com for my domain name because my bookstore is commercial and that is what .com means, a commercial entity listed online. What I liked best about was the ability to renew my package annually which for me is easier to budget. I highly recommend; especially for the budget conscience.

Looking forward to March and sharing more with you,

Alicia Rose