March is the month that welcomes Spring

Healthy Irish Shamrocks

A planter full of healthy Irish Shamrocks. Credits: Google Images/reuse-commercial/

Spring is right around the corner. The Spring Solstice is March 20th this year (2012). Another all time favorite for many is the Irish St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. This year it luckily falls on a Saturday; more traditional merriment and revelry to be had by many good Irish folk and their descendents.

March is also the month many begin considering the fun-filled task of Spring Cleaning. March is National Nutrition Month. 2012’s theme is Get Your Plate in Shape. The best way to celebrate National Nutrition Month is to eat well-balanced colorful meals throughout the month of March. Since March further means warmer weather, family picnics and barbeques are right around the corner!

March is definitely more than the month most spring one hour forward with the clock. Even my dachshund is enjoying the early Spring we are experiencing with the Redbuds already in bloom.

May March and your Spring be filled with good times.


Alicia Rose

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