Enjoying Spring and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

This spring has been filled with many changes, challenges and good experiences. Looking back at the goals achieved as well as the new ones made, I can see where my visionary mindset has truly taken me into the magnificent direction that has gifted me a sense of success, happiness and a feeling of being accomplished. This spring, I noticed the beginning of reaping the benefits of delayed gratification as a self-employed entity which continues to be sweetly rewarding. I further had the honor of helping someone grow into a fellow author and delivered appreciation toward many others. This spring of 2012, has been enlightening, inspirational and fantastic!

Receiving blessings during springtime is delightful; a great way to begin the year. Spring is about rebirth and renewal. Many see spring as the time to begin something great and new. Animals usually naturally have their babies during springtime. Spring is a time to enjoy the beautiful new greenery and spring flowers. Even the spring rains grant those in agriculture a chance for a successful harvest. Spring is a time for rejoicing and seeing the year brimming with limitless possibilities.

May, being a month where spring definitely is in full force, usually has warmer weather where my dog can enjoy the great outdoors longer. This means much to him for this beloved dachshund loves being outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine, literally basking in it.  This brings me to the delicious thought of the traditional Memorial Day barbeque that many enjoy with family and friends. Where I live this particular weekend at the end of May normally has great outdoor activity weather, sunny and bright.

Honoring Memorial DayThis year Memorial Day is Monday May 28th, which makes Memorial Day Weekend 26th – 28th. I truly believe this particular Memorial Day is extremely important considering all going on in the Middle East (Israel, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan). Many of us know someone or have a beloved one who is either currently serving in the armed forces or who has given their life in service. Most of us have had a friend and/or family member who have been in the US military, now a veteran. On behalf of all of these brave and gallant men and women, I plan taking Memorial Day off in their remembrance with much gratitude filling my heart. I shall take time to remember their noble sacrifice for the good of our country and its citizens. Those in the US Military do great deeds! I thank each one of them.

Wishing all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Alicia Rose

Fire Bans: Did not spoil Independence Day in Oklahoma

US Flag with fireworks behind it.

A great Independence Day with the US flag waving.

July 2011, the entire state of Oklahoma was placed under the local fire bans. These bans kept Oklahomans safer; especially throughout July 4, 2011. The amount of Independence Day accidents (mostly from at-home fireworks and sparklers) that usually occur during the fourth of July was significantly decreased. This meant more Oklahomans had an enjoyable and safe Independence Day with their family and friends.

Oklahomans further found out the Fourth of July was as fun with family and friends without the sparklers and privately purchased boxes of fireworks one usually has for an at-home Independence Day activity. Due to the extreme heat wave most of Oklahoma was experiencing, the majority wisely held their Independence Day family activities indoors. Dehydration is a concern amongst Oklahomans when the temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There have been instances of deceasement caused by dehydration for one can become dehydrated in Oklahoma without even knowing it due to the level of humidity in the air. This can be very dangerous; especially to pets, children and Senior

The public July fourth displays were carefully professionally orchestrated due to the local fire bans. Participants who attended claimed they had a great time with their friends and families; all enjoyed the July fourth professional fireworks displays. The favorite firework display was that of the US Flag, truly inspiring and awesome.

Attending the public fireworks displays are safer for the Fire Departments usually are the ones setting off the fireworks. These true American heroes are ready for anything negative fireworks can do. This leads to a safe and happy Independence Day experience; which is exactly what the majority of Oklahomans had.

Hope your Independence Day was filled with much fun and joyful memories. Ours definitely was. We even managed to squeeze in a few Independence Day favorite programs on the television to pleasantly round off this Federal Holiday.

Happy rest of July to you and your family,

Alicia Rose