The unexpected can gift better

Summer 2016 is now coming to a close (Autumn begins Thursday September 22nd this year) so I thought it an excellent time to accomplish my seasonal blogging on Alicia Rose at WordPress. The reason behind my being a seasonal blogger is the amount of time required to do the blogging had to come into consideration. Book manuscripts for future publications and online publishing articles do not write themselves. Writing anything takes time and effort. To all of my readers who have encouraged me to blog more often, a great big thank you for your enthusiasm; very heart-warming.

First, before I get into my usual sharing mode, I want to thank all who have given thumbs up for my videos on my YouTube channel Alicia Rose Shares, followed me on Twitter, befriended me on Facebook, bobbled me on BOBL, became a friend on Wazzub Community, plus my posts on Google+, connected with me on LinkedIn, and continue to support my website Alicia Rose Shares as well as this blog. Your positive feedback gifting support has been very inspirational. The unexpected constructive criticism given has also been an excellent help. Thank you so very much!

To those of you who read the multi-topical articles on my columns KnowABit and HubPages, I heartfelt thank you. Truly wonderful to share my interests and reviews with you. Appreciate you taking the time to read what I have written, truly honored by this.

Quite a stir occurred in my world July 2016. It was most unexpected, did not foresee this event. website was completely transformed into a live entertainment venue only site July 15, 2016. My Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner column was on this date unpublished, and my brand of Health and Happiness articles were no longer required by AXS. At first, I was upset by this change for it meant losing something very important to me, but now looking back AXS did me a great favor. This change allowed me to determine what was most important, where my passion truly is, and pursue new goals in my field. It was not the stumble back a step or two kind of change in my writing career.

Foremost, I had become too used to being the Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner. I had been it for so long that the title had become an online identity greater than me being an Author, Columnist and Reviewer. When someone asked me how to find me online, I used to say, “Please search under the Oklahoma City Health and Happiness Examiner, that is my column.” I had a brand other than Alicia Rose. Having multiple brands is not unheard of, but can be confusing to those trying to find your work. It took me 1 3/4 months to sort this out plus update my information on the sites I was active. Learned much along the way in the online world. Fortunately, I made a list preventing any site being overlooked. Now I am easier to “search” and “find.” Just the other day I said, “You can find me through my website Alicia Rose Shares.” A much better method since all I do as an Author, Columnist and Reviewer is listed on my official author site.

That was not the only unexpected change this summer gifted. I also had an upbeat one. How can a work related surprise brighten instead of turn the day glum? Well, this one did when I upgraded my laptop from the unfriendly Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 the minute Microsoft let me know via Microsoft Explorer I could do this. Their free upgrade came with a deadline of August 31, 2016. I did not wait even 5 minutes after reading their invitation to upgrade. This turned out better than expected! Upgrading to Windows 10 did not cost me anything. No Explorer and Google Chrome browser favorites or files were misplaced or lost during the downloading process. Nothing was hard to find after this change. Windows 10 is compatible with earlier versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel (Office packages). Considering I am very attached to my Microsoft Office package, I was ecstatic not to be forced into upgrading. I did have to update the Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 and re-pair my devices, but that went fairly quickly. All in all it was the easiest upgrade of its kind I have ever experienced!

The personal assistant Cortana is amazing! The calendar that works with Cortana has gifted me a better organizational method; very user friendly. If you can upgrade to or get Windows 10 for your PC, my recommendation is do as soon as possible! Windows 10 saves time and is faster than Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, XP and 8.1. My laptop runs a lot smoother now than it did on Windows 8.1. A lot of problems and glitches I was experiencing with 8.1 magically disappeared the minute Windows 10 was up and running!

Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10, is better than Microsoft Explorer. This browser comes with some handy features that Explorer does not have. My favorite is the Web Note. The only thing I miss is no language translator for Microsoft Edge. If I want to translate a web page from a foreign language to English, I have to use Google Chrome, which I kept any way because some sites I publish on are not compatible with Microsoft Edge or Explorer. I do use Edge more than Chrome when I am online, because it is more user friendly. Microsoft Edge is working great for me as I publish this via WordPress. I am very glad WordPress’s website and Edge are compatible!

Nothing like a few summer changes to keep one’s mind sharp and keep life interesting. Can hardly wait for the beautiful orange, yellow and red colors of Autumn as the trees’ leaves change into their new Fall look.


Sunny Afternoon by Milen


Have a great rest of summer! Barbecue while you can! Happy Labor Day and Autumn Solstice!

Alicia Rose

Summer changes can increase happiness

This summer has been full of decision making. It was not easy to make the life changing ones, but after considering all the pros and cons, I was able to make them. Looking back now that it is September with autumn around the corner (September 23rd this year), I am delighted with the changes generated by the important decisions made. Changes can increase a person’s happiness, it did me; lessened the stress levels too. This was truly amazing!

The biggest decision was regarding my online only bookstore. It saddened me to make this website unpublished, delete it off of the Internet. I did make sure to redirect its URL to my new website Alicia Rose Shares born the same day (August 31, 2015). This was truly a mixed blessing day as I said farewell to one beloved project, and introduced my official author’s website for better Internet visibility. For more about this check my page titled History of Alicia’s online only bookstore and her official author’s website.

The best thing about these changes means this blog will be more active; less time between blogs. This is my new goal set. I am determined to become more known as Author, Columnist and Freelance Writer. I look forward to this challenge for writing is something I truly love doing.

Another perk is these new challenges include more time working on my book manuscripts which means less time between each book’s publication date. The sequel to Just Alex is so close to being fully edited that I am bouncing with delight in my chair as I type this; can hardly wait to send the manuscript to my publisher! I appreciate the encouragement from my family, friends and readers. This means a lot to me! Thank you very much!

Wonderful to share this new with you. I did update the pages of this blog today September 10, 2015 to reflect the changes mentioned.

Happy Autumn and thank you for visiting,

Alicia Rose

Alicia Rose discusses editing and tax preparation

That time of the year, taxation! This photo was found via Google Images/


This year has continued at a gallop pace through February; just the way I like it. In the beginning of February, I updated quite a bit on my home page for Alicia Harrell’s Bookstore. I was able to add some positive content that I believe our visitors will enjoy. I love sharing things and my bookstore’s website is another great vehicle for doing this. February was also my online bookstore‘s first anniversary! Making it through its first year is definitely a huge landmark; especially when this was opened during a recession. Seeing my bookstore mature into a success was truly inspiring and felt great!

My book manuscript titled Undermining Alex is still going through the lengthy editing process. This is where the women and men authors find out how resilient and perseverant they truly are. Editing can be very taxing and stressful. I view editing as a great method for transforming one’s work (with the assistance of an excellent Editor) into something greater.

Editing enables an author to shine with their best written work out in the world for others to read and enjoy. This author highly recommends that if you are new to the writing field and wish to be an author, the minute your book manuscript is completed to your satisfaction, hire an excellent Editor to review your work. You will be delighted you did. It is a very eye-opening experience and helps you see how another person will view your book’s content.

February is also the month where this author begins preparing for income tax preparation. For those who are self-employed it is best to find an accountant, certified tax preparer or qualified tax preparation service to fill out the Federal and State Income Tax Forms.

I recommend reviewing the IRS official website to make certain you are prepared with gathering together all the correct receipts. Doing this is a great method for becoming aware of any deduction or taxation changes implemented by the Federal and your State’s government. This is a huge help for having what your tax preparer will require for filling out the 2011 income tax forms when you visit.

If you prefer to complete the taxation paperwork on your own, you can ask the IRS to send the income tax booklets and forms to you via their website. Post Offices and Libraries often carry Federal and State Income Tax booklets and forms too. It is wonderful to have choice, on and offline.

For those who find visiting a tax preparer daunting, TurboTax is a great alternative. It is like having a personal tax preparer in your home. It fills out the State and Federal Income Tax forms for you while answering specific questions by typing in your answers. TurboTax takes a while to go through for it is very thorough, but the luxury of doing one’s taxes accurately in one’s home is truly a benefit.

H & R Block and the IRS have online tax preparation services too. TurboTax, H & R Block and the IRS websites are safe and secure. Feel free to browse for price comparison on their websites. You have the right to choose which tax preparation method and website is right for you. Doing your taxes online via H & R Block, TurboTax or the IRS website is a great way to save money during the taxation season. These assistive websites are an excellent income tax resource.

Happy February and thank you for visiting!

Alicia Rose