Welcome and Happy Holidays!


Merry yule-tide picture of joyful snowman.

Thank you for visiting my personal blog via WordPress. Visitors thirteen years of age and older are most welcome. Parental guidance is recommended for minors 12 years of age and younger due to the 8th grade through collegiate level content within this site’s pages.

Parents and grandparents are welcome to preview my blog domain before allowing their teenagers to browse the multi topical content and links. Parents and grandparents for their own peace of mind are encouraged to browse this website with their teenagers. As a mother and grandmother, I am an advocate for consistently recommending parental guidance; especially on the Internet.

I am  striving for this website’s content to be informative including about what this author is professionally doing, what I have written that has been published, and cover a wide variety of topics I find interesting enough to share with others.

Currently I am in the creative phase; adding content and updating the pages. I only have time to work on this bi-weekly, my sincerest apologies. There is much I plan to add and time willing, you will see it.

Thank you for supporting this site by browsing and reading its content. A pleasure to share information, non-fiction and fiction, with others who have similar interests.

Happy Holidays and may the yule-tide bring you and your family much joy!

Alicia Rose

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